3 TSX Stocks With Notable Recent Insider Buying

The TSX stocks we’ve found have seen recent buying from company insiders over the past week

SmallCapPower | November 1, 2021: Insiders are defined as company management or individuals or institutions that own more than 10% of a company’s shares. Today we have discovered three TSX stocks with significant insider buying over the past seven days. The insiders we have identified are institutional investors, company directors or board members, which have added to their positions.

*Share price data and other metrics as of October 29, 2021

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Torq Resources Inc. (TSXV:TORQ) – $0.95
Copper and Gold Mining

Torq Resources is a Vancouver-based copper and gold exploration company with a portfolio of premium holdings in Chile. The Company is establishing itself as a leader of new exploration in prominent mining belts, guided by responsible, respectful and sustainable practices. The Company was built by a management team with prior success in monetizing exploration assets and its specialized technical team is recognized for their extensive experience working with major mining companies, supported by robust safety standards and technical proficiency.

  • Market Cap: $73.6M
  • 30-Day Return: +69.6%
  • YTD-Return: +35.7%
  • 30-Day Average Trading Volume: 96,380
  • Insider Name: Michael Kosowan
  • Insider Role: CEO
  • Purchase Date: Oct 26th 2021
  • Number of Shares: 20,000
  • Share Price Paid: $0.80
  • Total Transaction Value: $16,000

i-80 Gold Corp. (TSX:IAU) – $2.99
Junior Gold Mining

i-80 Gold is a well-financed, Nevada-focused, mining company with a goal of achieving mid-tier gold producer status through the development of multiple deposits within the Company’s advanced-stage property portfolio to complement existing gold production. The Company’s flagship property is 40% owned South Arturo mine, which comprises 388 unpatented lode mining and mill-site claims that cover an area of approximately 4,909 acres of surface and mineral rights located in Elko County, Nevada. i-80 also holds a 100% interest in the McCoy-Cove project covering 30,937 acres located in Eureka-Battle Mountain Trend, Nevada; and the Getchell project covering an area of approximately 2,545 acres located in Winnemucca, Nevada.

  • Market Cap: $696.9M
  • 30-Day Return: -2.0%
  • YTD-Return: 0.0%
  • 30-Day Average Trading Volume: 225,740
  • Insider Name: Stewart Downie
  • Insider Role: Director
  • Purchase Date: Oct 25th 2021
  • Number of Shares: 10,000
  • Share Price Paid: $3.13
  • Total Transaction Value: $31,300

Sylogist Ltd. (TSX:SYZ) – $11.49
Software Solutions

Sylogist is a provider of software solutions for the public sector and nonprofits. Products include: accounting, financial reporting, payroll, grant and award management, victim notification and case management, manufacturing and distribution tracking, and payment processing. The Company has 1500 customers globally in all levels of government, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and public compliance-driven and funded companies.

  • Market Cap: $274.6M
  • 30-Day Return: +10.0%
  • YTD-Return: -2.6%
  • 30-Day Average Trading Volume: 227,240
  • Insider Name: David Elder
  • Insider Role: Executive Vice-President
  • Purchase Date: Oct 26th 2021
  • Number of Shares: 93,372
  • Share Price Paid: $0.40
  • Total Transaction Value: $37,349

Disclosure: Neither the author nor his family own shares in any of the companies mentioned above.

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