Top Canadian REIT Ideas For 2022

The Canadian REITs we’ve identified are expected to outperform this year

SmallCapPower | February 7, 2022: Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) allow investors to invest in real estate by buying units in commercial and residential real estate portfolios. The REIT takes care of operating expenses, owning or financing the income-producing properties for investors. To be considered a REIT the company must return a minimum of 90% of its taxable income each year to its shareholders in the form of dividends. Today we have picked out three top Canadian REITs that are expected to outperform in 2022.

*Share price and other data as of February 4, 2022

Win Big With Our Small Cap Picks


Granite Real Estate Investment Trust (TSX:GRT.UN) – $99.13

Granite Real Estate Investment Trust, or Granite, is a real estate investment trust engaged in the acquisition, development, and management of primarily industrial properties in North America and Europe. Granite’s portfolio comprises various manufacturing, corporate office, warehouse and logistics, and product engineering facilities. The vast majority of the Company’s assets are logistics and distribution warehouses and multipurpose buildings split fairly evenly amongst Canadian, Austrian, and U.S. locations. Granite derives nearly all of its revenue in the form of rental income from its properties. The Company’s largest tenant is Magna International, an automotive parts and systems manufacturer, which accounts for the majority of Granite’s lease income.

  • Market Cap: $6,538.9M
  • 7-Day Return:  4.4%
  • 30-Day Return: -1.3%
  • 30-Day Average Trading Volume: 168,429
  • Dividend Yield: 3.1%

Chartwell Retirement Residences (TSX:CSH.UN) – $12.16

Chartwell Retirement Residences is an unincorporated open-ended trust. The Company is engaged in the ownership, operation, and management of retirement and long-term care communities in Canada. It operates its retirement and long-term care facilities separately. The Retirement Operations segment consists of communities that the Company owns and operates in Canada. The Long-Term Care operations segment represents approximately 19 long-term care communities in Ontario. The majority of the revenue is derived from the Canadian Retirement segment.

  • Market Cap: $2,879.6M
  • 7-Day Return:  1.2%
  • 30-Day Return: 0.8%
  • 30-Day Average Trading Volume: 492,719
  • Dividend Yield: 5.0%

InterRent Real Estate Investment Trust (TSX:IIP.UN) – $16.02

InterRent Real Estate Investment Trust is an open-ended real estate investment trust engaged in increasing unitholder value and creating a growing and sustainable distribution through the acquisition and ownership of multi-residential properties. The Company operations are carried out through the region of Canada. It derives revenue from investment properties, which includes rents from tenants under leases, parking, laundry and other ancillary services.

  • Market Cap: $ 2,268.3
  • 7-Day Return:  +5.7%
  • 30-Day Return: -3.3%
  • 30-Day Average Trading Volume: 360,549
  • Dividend Yield: 2.2%


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