4 Best-Performing Canadian Dividend Stocks With Yields Over 5%

The TSX-listed Canadian dividend stocks we’ve discovered have seen substantial share-price growth during the past five years while also sporting a current dividend yield of at least 5%

SmallCapPower | November 16, 2021: During periods of elevated stock-market uncertainty, risk is mitigated through the steady income stream dividend stocks have to offer. Today we have uncovered four Canadian dividend stocks with an average dividend yield of 10.1%. The companies we’ve chosen have also seen an average five-year price appreciation of 40.7%.

*Share price data and other metrics as of November 15, 2021

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Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corporation (TSX:LIF) – $35.84
Mining Royalties

Labrador Iron Ore Royalty is a Canadian publicly-traded company that provides investors exposure to the iron ore market through its royalty, commission, and minority equity interests in Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC), a leading North American producer and exporter of premium iron ore pellets and high-grade concentrate. LIORC generates all its revenue from its investments from IOC in the form of a 7% top-line royalty payment. IOC has a mineral reserves and resources of 1.2 billion tonnes and 1.8 billion tonnes, respectively. Based on forecasted iron ore processing rates, IOC has a mine life of approximately 24 years based on reserves alone.

  • Market Cap: $2,293.8M
  • 30-Day Return: -1.0%
  • YTD-Return: +9.9%
  • 30-Day Average Trading Volume: 274,700
  • 5-Year Share Price Return: +120.1%
  • Dividend Yield: 18.5%

Doman Building Materials Group Ltd. (TSX:DBM) – $7.12
Construction Supplies

Doman Building Materials, formerly CanWel Building Materials Group Ltd, provides building materials and related products from its various warehouses across Canada. The Company distributes hardware, building materials, lumber, and renovation products. CanWel Building Materials Group serves in Canada in addition to the US. In the US, Doman operates as Hixson Lumber Company with 19 treating facilities and distribution centers and 5 sawmills.

  • Market Cap: $617.2M
  • 30-Day Return: +4.1%
  • YTD-Return: -7.2%
  • 30-Day Average Trading Volume: 328,370
  • 5-Year Share Price Return: +32.8%
  • Dividend Yield: 7.6%

MCAN Mortgage Corporation (TSX:MKP) – $19.04
Financial Institutions

MCAN is a Canadian publicly-traded mortgage investment company. MCAN invests its funds in a portfolio of mortgages including single-family residential, residential construction, non-residential construction and commercial mortgages, as well as other types of loans and investments, real estate, securitization investments and marketable securities in the form of corporate bonds and real estate investment, income and royalty trusts. MCAN funds its operations with term deposits eligible for deposit insurance from the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.

  • Market Cap: $526.4M
  • 30-Day Return: +2.7%
  • YTD-Return: +20.7%
  • 30-Day Average Trading Volume: 20,550
  • 5-Year Share Price Return: +37.4%
  • Dividend Yield: 7.2%

Timbercreek Financial Corp. (TSX:TF) – $9.48
Financial Institutions

Timbercreek Financial is a leading non-bank lender providing shorter-duration structured financing solutions to commercial real estate investors. TF invests directly in a diversified portfolio of high-quality structured mortgage loans secured primarily by stabilized, income-producing commercial real estate, such as multi-residential, office and retail buildings located in urban markets across Canada. The Company’s focus on lending against income-producing real estate ensures that there is income from the property to service the loan, which reduces the likelihood of default.

  • Market Cap: $777.8M
  • 30-Day Return: -3.4%
  • YTD-Return: +9.6%
  • 30-Day Average Trading Volume: 93,900
  • 5-Year Share Price Return: +13.1%
  • Dividend Yield: 7.1%

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