Top Canadian Dividend-Paying Growth Stocks

With growth and dividends investors will truly get the best of both worlds

SmallCapPower | September 6, 2016: Growth, as calculated here by taking a two-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR), has been tremendous for the stocks on our list today, hitting 40% and above. In addition, an appetizing dividend payout is a bonus.

Figures in million CAD.

Win Big With Our Small Cap Picks


Alaris Modified LogoAlaris Royalty Corp. (TSE:AD) – $22.32
Investment Management & Fund Operators

Alaris Royalty Corp. is a Canada-based company providing capital to private businesses (individually, a Private Company Partner and collectively the Partners). The Company’s operations consist of investments in private operating entities in the form of preferred limited partnership interests, preferred interest in limited liability corporations in the United States, or long-term license and royalty arrangements. The Company is an equity provider to service a niche in the capital market, such as steady growth companies with an entrepreneurial management team, incentivized to grow and maintain control of their business.

  • Market Cap: $811
  • Total Revenue: $110
  • Revenue 2-year CAGR: 53%
  • Div. Yield: 7.3%

Alaris Graph

Sylogist Modified LogoSylogist Ltd. (CVE:SYZ) – $11.00

Sylogist Ltd. is a technology innovation and licensing company, which, through strategic acquisitions, investments and operations management, provides intellectual property solutions to a range of public and private sector customers. The Company operates through two segments: the Public Sector division and Private Sector division. Private Sector division operates as Epic Data and Payment Solutions. The Epic Data business develops software and hardware solutions for data collection and operations management, which provides the private sector customers with the capability of having mobile devices interact directly with data collection systems and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).

  • Market Cap: $252
  • Total Revenue: $35
  • Revenue 2-year CAGR: 52%
  • Div. Yield: 2.4%

Sylogist Graph

Encare Modified LogoEnerCare Inc. (TSE:ECI) – $18.39
Personal Services

Enercare Inc. is a Canada-based company engaged in home services and sub-metering businesses. The Company operates through two segments: Home Services and Sub-metering. Its Home Services segment is engaged in the provision of water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners and other heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) rental products, protection plans and related services. Through its subsidiary, Enercare Solutions Inc., it operates the Home Services business, which has four business activities: Rentals, Protection Plans, HVAC Sales and Other. Its protection plans are maintenance protection plans and full service protection plans. Its Sub-metering segment is engaged in the provision of sub-metering equipment and billing services.

  • Market Cap: $1,911
  • Total Revenue: $674
  • Revenue 2-year CAGR: 48%
  • Div. Yield: 4.6%

Encare Graph

TerraVest Modified LogoTerraVest Capital Inc. (TSE:TVK) – $6.65
Oil Related Services and Equipment

TerraVest Capital Inc. is a Canada-based holding company, which manufactures fuel containment and pressure vessels. The Company has three segments: Fuel Containment, Fabrication and the Service. Its Fuel Containment segment consists of Gestion Jerico Inc. (Jerico), which manufactures items, such as bulk propane trucks, propane dispensers, and commercial and residential liquid containment units. Its Fabrication segment consists of RJV Gas Field Services (RJV) and NWP Industries (NWP), which fabricate oil and gas wellhead processing equipment for the oil and natural gas industry in Western Canada. Its Service segment consists of Diamond Energy Services (Diamond), which provides well servicing to the oil and natural gas sector in South‐Western and Central Saskatchewan.

  • Market Cap: $122
  • Total Revenue: $189
  • Revenue 2-year CAGR: 40%
  • Div. Yield: 6.0%

TerraVest Graph