Rritual Superfoods Could Be Set For a Massive Run

Investors are hoping Rritual Superfoods Inc. (CSE:RSF) CEO David Kerbel can duplicate the success of his previous company, Celsius Holdings (NASDAQ:CELH)

Keith Schaefer, Investing Whisperer | March 22, 2021 | SmallCapPower: Investors are hoping CEO David Kerbel can take Rritual Superfoods Inc. (CSE:RSF) to the same great heights as his previous experience with the company, Celsius Holdings (NASDAQ:CELH).

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Celsius’ brand of functional beverages has rocketing sales—US$170 million this year, and gave the stock a valuation of 21X revenue. Celsius and Monster Beverages, the best performing stock this century, is proof that these consumer brand product stocks can have massive runs.

“And you’ll see at Rritual Superfoods a lot of the same game planning that we did at Celsius.  Many of the retailers that the team delivered are on our list of target retailers. We can leverage our experience to have a similar road map.”

“When we first started Rritual, we saw an opportunity to get into the whole and natural wellness space with a premium offering with no clear category leader. With Rritual, we are filling a gap in the sector”

For shareholders of Rritual it could be a dream come true!  This is what investors LOVE to see—a well-funded micro-cap company with senior company management coming off A Big Win.

And the #1 job he has at Rritual is simple—DISTRIBUTION.  The exact same thing he did at Celsius. And we know how that turned out.

Rritual just listed last Monday.  This is ground floor! Kerbel has just been with the company a very short time, but has been incredibly busy–Rritual already has several SKUs ready to market.

For now they are all mushroom-based functional products. But Kerbel really sees Rritual as a superfood platform. “You’ll see a lot more SKUs in the better for you category by the end of this year,” he says.

Functional foods can have different markets, like mental fitness and physical fitness, and beauty products.

Rritual will be branching out into ALL of them, with Kerbel and his rolodex of distributors leading the way.

“I have a team with 100 years plus experience in CPG—consumer packaged goods. We have been able to attract the best of the best in this business.”

Kerbel and Rritual are going after a $275 billion market, and one that Whole Foods says is the #1 theme for 2021. So he has a great tailwind. “As you know the demand right now for anything boosting the cognitive function and immunity and relaxation, is just on fire right now. If you’re plant-based and organic like Rritual, you add even more demand.”

And he has a simple plan to differentiate his product. “What we’ve done, I think, really well and with real methodology, is blend our functional mushrooms in with natural herbs and adaptogens, to create this supercharged formulation that tastes good.”  Adaptogens are other superfoods, like herbs that also can have benefits to our bodies.

“That blending is what I call that our secret ingredient, but anybody that wants to reverse engineer this, in 6 – 12 months could possibly do that…

“…But by that time, we will have filled our runway with retail distribution and online sales channels.  Our team’s experience is really our moat. ”

Again—Kerbel has done this before.  He has the track record to back that statement up.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about the product. But at the start, it’s really about the team. After 35 years’ experience in this business, I built up a little bit of trust.

“Retailers that know us, know we’re not going to come in here to waste their time on something that’s easily replicated and not a good fit for them.”

Kerbel’s experience is allowing Rritual to do something that no other junior consumer brand company could ever hope to do—bypass the small distributors and go straight to national retailers.

Kerbel says he and his team have developed a highly sophisticated and very specific marketing program, that can go by area code, by every city that these stores are in, and focus in on those consumers that are looking for natural alternatives.

“That’s something very unique to a company our size,” Kerbel says. “I’ve been involved in multiple billions and billion dollar brands, that don’t have the sophistication that we’re bringing to our current retail partners.

“With our heat map marketing software, we can see where consumers are looking for natural and organic and plant-based alternatives to prescription drugs to help their lifestyle.”

This is exactly the language I want to hear from a consumer brand CEO!  He’s not only adding value to his customer, but to his retailers!

Kerbel is the brand of CEO that I want! Experienced, and still on the cutting edge of marketing.  He’s a trailblazer who can land big deals—just like he did with Celsius prior to Rritual.

With only 59 million shares out, there is lots of leverage for investors. With a massive industry tailwind, millions in the treasury, and products ready to sell, I think Kerbel is about to show his new investors—he just listed Rritual last Monday—what he can do.

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