Oil, Doha, and OPEC: 4 Stocks For This Volatile Crude Price Environment

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SmallCapPower | April 19, 2016: If you’ve read the news lately, you would have seen how volatile the oil price is to supply talks between producing nations. The recent OPEC meeting in Doha, Qatar, to curb oil production, once again ended in failure. For energy investors who want to sleep well at night, the stocks on our list today don’t exhibit industry average price shocks to news such as this. As a point of reference, the average annualized price volatility of oil stocks is 81%.

SciVacEnbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (TSE:ENF) – $29.10
Oil & Gas Transportation Services

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc., through its investment in Enbridge Income Fund, holds energy infrastructure assets. The Company’s business is limited to ownership of its interest in Enbridge Income Fund (the Fund). The Fund’s objective is to pay out a high proportion of available cash in the form of dividends to shareholders. The Fund is involved in the transportation, storage and generation of energy through its liquids transportation and storage business, its 50% interest in the Alliance Pipeline (natural gas transmission) and its interests in 592 (530 net) megawatts (MW) of renewable and alternative power generation capacity (Green Power).

The company is reporting on the 26th, with a mean EPS estimate of $0.56, a 32% drop from a year ago.

  • Market Cap: $1,790,728,391
  • Operating Income (LTM): $143,006,000
  • Revenue Growth (1 year): 43%
  • Price Volatility (90 days, annualized): 35%

SciVacHigh Arctic Energy Services Inc. (TSE:HWO) – $3.81
Oil Related Services and Equipment

High Arctic Energy Services Inc. is a Canada-based company, which focuses on providing contract drilling, completion services, equipment rental and other oilfield services to the oil and gas industry. The Company operates through providing oilfield services to customers in Canada and Papua New Guinea (PNG) segment.

The company is reporting on the 20th, with a mean EPS estimate of $0.67, a 47% rise from a year ago.

  • Market Cap: $204,487,382
  • Operating Income (LTM): $45,000,000
  • Revenue Growth (1 year): 22%
  • Price Volatility (90 days, annualized): 39%

SciVacTerraVest Capital Inc. (TSE:TVK) – $6.14
Oil Related Services and Equipment

TerraVest Capital Inc. is a Canada-based holding company, which manufactures fuel containment and pressure vessels. The Company has three segments: Fuel Containment, Fabrication and the Service.

The company is reporting on the 15th, with a mean EPS estimate of $1.03, a 32% drop from a year ago.

  • Market Cap: $110,127,033
  • Operating Income (LTM): $20,595,000
  • Revenue Growth (1 year): 21%
  • Price Volatility (90 days, annualized): 30%

SciVacSeven Generations Energy Ltd. (TSE:VII) – $20.92
Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Seven Generations Energy Ltd. is a Canada-based natural gas developer focused on exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas properties in western Canada. It operates the Kakwa River Project, which is a natural gas property covering over 431,200 net acres located in the Kakwa area of northwest Alberta with approximately 416,160 net acres in the Montney.

The company is reporting on the 17th, with a mean EPS estimate of $0.46, a 62% drop from a year ago.

  • Market Cap: $5,797,118,952
  • Operating Income (LTM): $53,239,000
  • Revenue Growth (1 year): 10%
  • Price Volatility (90 days, annualized): 46%

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