2 Small eSports Stocks That Could Become Big 2020 Winners

The Canadian eSports stocks we’ve discovered are on a roll so far in 2020 and could be worth betting on

SmallCapPower | May 5, 2020: eSports is expected to at least hold its own during the COVID-19 pandemic as, unlike traditional sports, players and fans can participate remotely. In fact, a Goldman Sachs report from late 2018 estimated the eSports market would reach a total value of US$3 billion by 2022. Today we have chosen two small eSports stocks that could come up big for speculators if they are willing to roll the dice.

eSports Stocks: Next Big Opportunity for Investors  

*Returns are based on closing stock prices as of May 1, 2020

Win Big With Our Small Cap Picks


FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp. (CSE:FDM) – $0.315
FANDOM SPORTS Media is an entertainment company that aggregates, curates and produces unique fan-focused content. Its FANDOM SPORTS App, the Company’s core product, allows passionate sports fans to unleash their primal sports passions, pick fights and earn rewards. On April 28, 2020, FANDOM provided additional details on the Company’s two-token cryptography secured esports network, which utilizes BLAZE blockchain security to support both an all-ages esports gaming community as well as an esports betting vertical. All-age esports fans will be issued a cryptography secured wallet and initial FANCOIN balance to predict esports events. To earn more FANCOIN units, users spend time on the application to wager with one another, they open up daily MysteryBox rewards, watch video ads and invite friends to earn fancoins. In addition, FANDOM plans to utilize a second token for esports betting. The Fandom Esports Platform, using BLAZE blockchain, was created to be scaled up to millions of users and efficiently handle the requests of these users in real-time.

  • Year-to-Date Return: 215%

New Wave Esports Corp. (CSE:NWES) – $0.085
New Wave Esports is an esports and competitive-gaming focused investment company based in Toronto and L.A. The Company offers capital and advisory services (acting as an operator in portfolio companies) to the esports industry, primarily to teams, organizations, events, tournament organizers, platforms, networks, technologies, and tools. New Wave Esports announced recently that it had closed its investment in Talon Esports, a professional esports organization. Talon has won multiple championships across various gaming titles, including Overwatch, Street Fighter V, and Tekken 7. In addition, Talon has secured sponsorships with partners such as Logitech, H Cubed Investments, Noble Chairs and Twitch and is expected to be a solid addition to New Wave’s portfolio. As well, New Wave owns a stake in Event Matchup Gaming, a Toronto-based leading esports and competitive gaming event organizer, and player management company that produces onsite and online tournaments. Event Matchup Gaming hosts 80+ events a year, focused mainly on events within the fighting community including Super Smash Bros., Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, and more.

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  • Year-to-Date Return: 70%


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