3 Small Canadian Stocks With Big-Money Insider Buying

The Canadian stocks we’ve identified have seen notable dollar insider buying over the past two or three weeks

SmallCapPower | October 16, 2020: Insiders are defined as company management or individuals or institutions that own more than 10% of a company’s shares. When insiders buy their Company’s stock it shows confidence in the future of its business. Today we have dug up three small Canadian stocks with significant recent insider buying.

*Returns are based on closing stock prices as of October 15, 2020

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The Westaim Corporation (TSXV:WED) – $2.37
Westaim is a Canadian investment company specializing in providing long-term capital to businesses operating primarily within the global financial services industry. Westaim’s investments include significant interests in HIIG and the Arena Group.  Between September 25 and October 6, 2020, Company insider Jim Hays purchased more than US$3.4 million of Westaim stock at an average price per share of about US$1.74.

  • One-Year Return: – 2%

Dundee Corporation (TSX:DC.A) – $1.36
Dundee Corp. is engaged in business activities in the areas of investment advisory, corporate finance, energy, resources, agriculture, real estate and infrastructure and also holds, directly and indirectly, a portfolio of public and private investments in these areas. On September 30, 2020, director Murray Sinclair acquired more than $1.3 million of Dundee stock at an average price per share of approximately $1.26.

  • One-Year Return: 37%

O3 Mining Inc. (TSXV:OIII) – $3.27
O3 Mining, part of the Osisko Group of companies, is a mine development and consolidator of exploration projects in Québec and Ontario, holding 100% interest in 25,000 hectares of properties in Ontario and 435,000 hectares of properties in Québec, which includes 61,000 hectares in the Val D’Or region. Between September 29 and October 7, 2020, O3 Mining CEO Jose Vizquerra invested almost $250,000 in the Company’s stock at an average cost per share of about $3.11.

  • One-Year Return: 36%

Disclosure: Neither the author nor his family own shares in any of the companies mentioned above.

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