BlissCo Cannabis Looks Set to Hit a Growth Spurt

CEO Damian Kettlewel believes BlissCo Cannabis Corp. (CSE:BLIS) can differentiate itself by focusing on strategic core customers and development of a self-sustaining ecosystem

SmallCapPower | July 13, 2018: BlissCo Cannabis Corp. (CSE:BLIS) is a Canada-based cannabis company headquartered in Vancouver. BLIS engages in cannabis cultivation with focus on distribution, branding and extraction of marijuana in Canada. BlissCo is a newly-licensed producer and received its Cultivation License under the ACMPR in late March 2018. This license allows the Company to strategically produce value-added products and premium craft cannabis. BlissCo has been growing for two months and the Company plans to expand its operations by applying for licenses to produce cannabis oil and to sell both dried cannabis and cannabis oil. The license amendment application for cannabis oil production was submitted on June 6, 2018.

Strategic Partnership with Supreme Cannabis

Source: News Release

Dried Cannabis Supply from Strategic Partner Supreme Cannabis

BlissCo strategically partnered with Supreme Cannabis Company (TSXV:FIRE). In February 2018, Supreme invested $3M in BlissCo, representing approximately 10% equity ownership in BlissCo. Shortly after, BlissCo and Supreme entered into a two-year supply agreement for BlissCo to purchase 3,000 kilos of dried cannabis from Supreme. These premium dried cannabis products enable the Company to supply both the domestic and global markets. BlissCo plans to apply for an ACMPR license in mid-July to amend its sales license and also apply for export permits for international sales. The first bulk order sourced from the supply agreement is expected by the end of the month.

High-Quality Supply from Supreme Cannabis

Source: Supreme Company Website

For reference, Supreme Cannabis announced on July 3, 2018 that it signed a distribution agreement with Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation to supply recreational cannabis to Manitoba’s private marijuana retailers. Under terms of agreement, Supreme Cannabis will supply 1,690 kg of cannabis over a 12-month period.

MIDAS XII Co2 Extraction System

BlissCo purchased the first Midas Co2 extractor in Canada. Developed by Oregon-based Vanguard Scientific Systems, this system provides extraction solutions to utilize dozens of cannabis components that were previously inaccessible. With the patented design of the MIDAS, BlissCo is able to manufacture pure medical cannabis oil and value-added products, such as medical cannabis oil tinctures (alcohol-based cannabis extracts) and medical cannabis capsules.

MIDAS XII Co2 Extraction System Produced by Vanguard Scientific Systems

Source: Press Release

Strong Management Team Experience

BlissCo CEO Damian Kettlewel, has a deep background in liquor distribution and retailing. He was a partner for a major BC liquor store chain for 11 years before founding BlissCo. His experience of how to distribute and sell liquor products in British Columbia is expected to be an important differentiator that can aid in the expansion of BlissCo. Mr. Kettlewell believes that by focusing on strategic core customers and development of a self-sustaining ecosystem, BlissCo can differentiate itself both on a medical and recreational basis.

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