4 Canadian Gold Stocks with the Best Price, Volume Momentum

The Canadian gold stocks on our list have delivered price appreciation of more than 5% month to date along with strong volume momentum

SmallCapPower | September 12, 2017: Today we have identified four Canadian gold stocks that have delivered price appreciation of more than 5% month to date along with strong volume momentum. Some of the companies on our list are also exploring for other metals in addition to gold. Gold stocks have been on a tear of late as global gold prices continue to be on a strong upward momentum over the past few months on a depreciating U.S. dollar (30-month low) and investors’ preference for safety assets amid tensions over North Korea. Gold futures ended Friday at a one-year high of $1,352.36 an ounce on the Comex, and are up nearly 11% from the July 7th 2017, low of $1,209.70 an ounce.

Garibaldi Resources Corp. (TSXV: GGI)

Garibaldi Resources Corp. is a diversified mineral resource company. The Company explores for and develops gold and silver prospects in Mexico.

  • Market Cap: $93.8 million
  • Price Chg Pct MTD: 70%
  • 30 Day Avg Volume: 1,870.741
  • 3 Month Avg Volume: 946,369

Telson Resources Inc. (TSXV: TSN)

Telson Resources Inc. is a mining exploration company. The Company acquires, explores and develops properties for gold and silver deposits.

  • Market Cap: $83.5 million
  • Price Chg Pct MTD: 54.55%
  • 30 Day Avg Volume: 70,268
  • 3 Month Avg Volume: 40,833

Revival Gold Inc. (TSXV: RVG)

Revival Gold Inc. operates as a mineral exploration company. The Company focuses on gold exploration and development solutions. Revival Gold holds an interest of gold projects in the States of Idaho and Utah.

  • Market Cap: $18.3 million
  • Price Chg Pct MTD: 7.58%
  • 30 Day Avg Volume: 10,830
  • 3 Month Avg Volume: 7,062

GoGold Resources Inc. (TSX: GGD)

GoGold Resources, Inc. explores for metals.  The Company explores for gold and silver on the San Diego Project located near Durango, Mexico; and gold on the Rambler Project in Newfoundland, Canada.

  • Market Cap: $98.2 million
  • Price Chg Pct MTD: 5.45%
  • 30 Day Avg Volume: 340,149
  • 3 Month Avg Volume: 202,015

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