5 Stocks That Could Get Rocked By May’s ‘Horrible’ U.S. Jobs Report

Friday’s release of U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls for May came in at near six-year lows, which when compared to estimates will likely impact the stocks on our list

SmallCapPower | June 6, 2016: U.S. Nonfarm Payroll data, released on Friday, showed 38,000 positions created for May, falling far short of analyst estimates of 159,000. Removing the 34,000 lost by the Verizon strike (which is now over), payrolls would have still increased only by 72,000. Perhaps the most significant ramifications pertain to the expected June rate hike by the Fed, which could no long be on the table. Fed Chair Janet Yellen mentioned that continued job growth and stable inflation would promote a rate hike in June, however with this being the most significant jobs figure until the June meeting, a summer rate hike now appears unlikely. Certain stocks could take a hit as expectations on the U.S. economy are lowered, which could include the names on our list today.

Win Big With Our Small Cap Picks


SciVacLendingTree Inc. (NASDAQ:TREE) – $87.85
Consumer Lending

LendingTree, Inc. (LendingTree), formerly Tree.com, Inc., is engaged in operating an online loan marketplace for consumers. The Company offers a range of loan types and other credit-based offerings for its consumers. It offers tools and resources, including free credit scores that facilitate comparison shopping for these loans and other credit-based offerings.

  • Market Cap: 1,043,600,721.80
  • Revenue: 254,216,000
  • Operating Income: 28,514,000

SciVacGreen Dot Corp. (NYSE:GDOT) – $22.54
Consumer Lending

Green Dot Corporation, along with its subsidiaries, is a pro-consumer financial technology innovator. The Company is a provider of reloadable prepaid debit cards and cash reload processing services in the United States. The Company operates through two segments: Account Services, and Processing and Settlement Services.

  • Market Cap: 1,083,122,914.72
  • Revenue: 694,700,000
  • Operating Income: 59,329,000

SciVacGATX Corporation (NYSE:GMT) – $46.01
Corporate Financial Services

GATX Corporation is a railcar lessor, owning fleets in North America, Europe and Asia. The Company operates through four segments: Rail North America, Rail International, American Steamship Company (ASC) and Portfolio Management.

  • Market Cap: 215,285,203.21
  • Revenue: 1,449,900,000
  • Operating Income: 359,400,000

SciVacAir Lease Corp (NYSE:AL) – $29.47
Corporate Financial Services

Air Lease Corporation is an aircraft leasing company that is engaged principally in purchasing new commercial jet transport aircraft directly from aircraft manufacturers, such as The Boeing Company (Boeing) and Airbus S.A.S. (Airbus), and leasing those aircraft to airlines across the world. Along with its leasing activities, the Company sells aircraft from its operating lease portfolio to third parties, including other leasing companies, financial services companies and airlines.

  • Market Cap: 114,570,744.63
  • Revenue: 1,222,840,000
  • Operating Income: 659,097,000

SciVacNavient Corp. (NASDAQ:NAVI) – $13.63
Consumer Lending

Navient Corporation is a loan management, servicing and asset recovery company, which holds the portfolio of education loans insured or guaranteed under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP), as well as the portfolio of Private Education Loans. FFELP Loans are insured or guaranteed by state based on guaranty agreements among the United States Department of Education (ED) and these agencies.

  • Market Cap: 4,504,903,352.97
  • Revenue: 4,295,000,000
  • Operating Income: 1,600,000,000

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