5 Solar Stocks Poised to Shine Long Term

As solar power topped 2015’s list of the fastest-growing energy sources, these solar stocks are well positioned to continue their growth.

SmallCapPower | June 9, 2016: Fossil fuel major BP Plc recently released its annual statistical review of world energy usage. From that report, solar power generation grew 33% year over year, mainly attributable to massive and continual reductions in costs. In comparison, wind power grew ~17%, while oil and natural gas barely gained at ~3% each. Up from just 0.8% of the world energy consumption a decade ago, solar power is certainly growing at a rapid pace. In order to take advantage of this trend, we found five solar stocks that are involved in renewable energy infrastructure – the sub-industry we currently see as the most lucrative.

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SciVacFirst Solar Inc. (NASDAQ:FSLR) – $50.55
Renewable Energy Equipment & Services

First Solar, Inc. is a provider of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions. The Company designs, manufactures and sells PV solar modules with thin-film semiconductor technology, and also develops, designs, constructs and sells PV solar power solutions. The Company operates through two segments: components and systems. First Solar has approximately 30 manufacturing lines around the world and over 2.8 gigawatts (GW) of annual manufacturing capacity with lines having a production capability of approximately 2,500 modules per day.

  • Market Cap: 5,168,490,158.85
  • Revenue: 106,064,712
  • Operating Income: 3,958,270,000
  • Debt: 752,032,000

SciVacHanwha Q Cells Co Ltd. (NASDAQ:HQCL) – $13.28
Renewable Energy Equipment & Services

Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd., formerly Hanwha SolarOne Co., Ltd. (Hanwha SolarOne), is a global solar energy company involved in manufacturing of solar modules and development and management of downstream solar farms. It manufactures a range of photo voltaic (PV) cells and PV modules. It also engages in PV downstream businesses, which include developing solar power projects and providing engineering, procurement and construction services and operation and management services.

  • Market Cap: 1,104,792,283.20
  • Revenue: 63,108,412
  • Operating Income: 1,982,200,000
  • Debt: 200,400,000

SciVacSolaredge Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:SEDG) – $21.99
Renewable Energy Equipment & Services

Solaredge Technologies Inc (SolarEdge) is a provider of solar power harvesting and photovoltaic (PV) monitoring solutions. The Company’s portfolio of products includes power optimizers, PV inverters and a Web portal for module-level monitoring and fault detection. Its SolarEdge power optimizer is a DC/DC converter, which is connected by installers to each PV module or embedded by module manufacturers, replacing the solar junction box.

  • Market Cap: 215,285,203.21
  • Revenue: 200,520,010
  • Operating Income: 463,511,000
  • Debt: 65,748,000

SciVacTrina Solar Ltd. (NYSE:TSL) – $7.71
Renewable Energy Equipment & Services

Trina Solar Limited is an integrated solar power products manufacturer and solar system developer based in China with a global distribution network. The Company has integrated the manufacturing of ingots, wafers and solar cells for use in its photovoltaic (PV) module production. Its PV modules provide electric power for residential, commercial, industrial and other applications. It also develops, designs, constructs, operates and sells solar power projects that primarily use the solar modules it manufactures. It operates through two segments: manufacturing segment and the solar power projects segment.

  • Market Cap: 114,570,744.63
  • Revenue: 159,157,000
  • Operating Income: 3,294,323,900
  • Debt: 92,630,190

SciVacJinkoSolar Holding Co Ltd. (NYSE:JKS) – $21.81
Renewable Energy Equipment & Services

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. operates in the photovoltaic (PV) industry. The Company has built a vertically integrated solar power product value chain, from recovering silicon materials to manufacturing solar modules and solar power generation. The Company’s segments include the manufacturing segment and the solar power projects segment.

  • Market Cap: 684,168,424.23
  • Revenue: 2,937,281,400
  • Operating Income: 259,601,447
  • Debt: 2,172,836,538

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