4 Canadian Gaming Stocks with ‘Thrilling’ Revenue Growth

Double digit revenue increases are helping drive the Canadian gaming stocks on our list

SmallCapPower | December 20, 2016: The Canadian gaming stocks on our list today have seen strong year-to-date (YTD) stock growth, which can at least be partially attributed to the increases in revenues that they have experienced over the last 12 months (LTM). As companies also switch over to online gaming you can expect these revenues to continue to increase as the global games market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.6% to US$118.6B by 2019, according to Newzoo’s Global Games Market Report.

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Deq Systems Corp. (CVE:DEQ) – $0.38
Casinos & Gaming

DEQ Systems Corp. is engaged in the manufacturing, lease and sale of auxiliary systems suitable for casino gaming tables, the management of licenses and the collection of royalties. The Company’s principal activities include the leasing, sale and marketing of products for the casino gaming industry of table games, table game systems and table top utility products. The Company also develops solutions related to table game bonusing. Its systems and games are installed in over 300 casinos, in 30 countries around the world. The Company delivers technology and game titles to the global gaming industry.

  • Market Cap: $26.87(mm)
  • Total Revenue (LTM, Default, Millions): $9.70
  • PoP % Chg (1LTM) in Revenue (LTM, CAD): 12%
  • YTD Price PCT Change: 188.5%

Spin Master Corp. (TSE:TOY) – $35.50
Toys & Children’s Products

Spin Master Corp., formerly SML Investments Inc., is a Canada-based children’s entertainment company. The Company, through Spin Master Ltd. and its subsidiaries, is engaged in creating, designing, manufacturing and marketing a diversified portfolio of toys, games, products and entertainment properties. Its portfolio includes children’s products, brands and entertainment properties, which are grouped into four product categories, including Activities, Games & Puzzles and Fun Furniture; Remote Control and Interactive Characters; Boys Action and High-Tech Construction, and Pre-School and Girls.

  • Market Cap: $865.87(mm)
  • Total Revenue (LTM, Default, Millions): $1,423.23
  • PoP % Chg (1LTM) in Revenue (LTM, CAD): 31%
  • YTD Price PCT Change: 62.4%

Great Canadian Gaming Corp. (TSE:GC) – $24.65
Casinos & Gaming

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation operates gaming, entertainment and hospitality facilities in British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Washington State. The Company has approximately 20 gaming properties, consisting of over three community gaming centers, four racetracks and 10 casinos, including over two with a Four Diamond resort hotel.

  • Market Cap: $1,496.20(mm)
  • Total Revenue (LTM, Default, Millions): $543.40
  • PoP % Chg (1LTM) in Revenue (LTM, CAD): 21%
  • YTD Price PCT Change: 59.3%

D-Box Technologies Inc. (TSE:DBO) – $0.53
Entertainment Production

D-BOX Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures and commercializes motion systems. The Company is engaged in the sale or lease of D-BOX motion systems, including motion controllers and computer servers in the case of installations, such as commercial theatres. The Company is also engaged in direct sale of motion systems to a network of specialized resellers, integrators, equipment or seating manufacturers marketing the D-BOX technology under their own brands. The Company focuses on approximately two markets, such as the entertainment market, and the simulation and industrial market. The entertainment market comprises motion systems installed in commercial theatres, home entertainment consumer products, particularly video games and home theatres, and themed entertainment motion systems. The simulation and training market consists of products for industrial simulators, industrial training and other applications.

  • Market Cap: $92.75(mm)
  • Total Revenue (LTM, Default, Millions): $30.83
  • PoP % Chg (1LTM) in Revenue (LTM, CAD): 29%
  • YTD Price PCT Change: 45.2%