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Lithium, Cobalt Price Run is Sustainable, Says Chris Berry

House Mountain Partners, LLC President discusses the cobalt price, lithium, uranium, as well as his biggest investment mistakesIn this interview with SmallCapPower at Mines and Money Americas 20...

Nickel Has Been Receiving More Investor Attention Recently, Says Mines and Money’s Andrew Thake

Mines and Money Global Head of Content, Product & Strategy discusses the popular commodities at this year’s conference, including nickelIn this interview with SmallCapPower at Mines and Mone...

Goldcorp Chairman Says Mining Companies Are Making Two Big Mistakes

Ian Telfer of Goldcorp Inc. (TSE:G) also believes global gold production is set to decline “quite dramatically”In this interview with SmallCapPower at Mines and Money Americas 2017, Goldcorp...

Stock Picks From Crown Capital’s Chris Johnson

Crown Capital Partners Inc. (TSE:CRWN) CEO reveals two of his top stock picks including one that he believes will have “lots of profits for shareholders”In this interview with SmallCapPower,...

Marijuana Sector Excitement Should Continue into November: Bruce Campbell

StoneCastle Portfolio Manager Bruce Campbell talks energy, healthcare, base metals, and offers up some marijuana sector stock picksIn this interview with SmallCapPower, StoneCastle Investment Ma...

Recurring Revenue and Security Disruption: Capital Ideas TV

Capital Ideas Research Publisher Mark Bunting speaks with the CEOs of TECSYS, Empire Industries, and Nanotech SecuritySmallCapPower partner Capital Ideas presents Episode 15 of Capital Ideas TV. I...

Novo Resources Will Be an Exciting Story for Years to Come: Samuel Pelaez

Galileo Global Portfolio Manager weighs in on past pick Novo Resources Corp. (TSXV: NVO) and provides his outlook for the gold priceIn this interview with SmallCapPower, Galileo Global Equit...

Castle Silver Resources (TSXV: CSR): Company Spotlight

Castle Silver Resources Inc. (TSXV: CSR) CEO Frank Basa talks about the cobalt market and why he believes his Company is well position to succeedCobalt is a key component in electric vehicle...

“Special” Lithium Junior, Cannabis Stock Pick: Capital Ideas TV

Capital Ideas Research Publisher Mark Bunting also talks with the CEO of Canada Jetlines Ltd. (TSXV: JET) and small cap manager Roger Dent, who provides a cannabis stock pickSmallCapPower partner ...
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4 TSX Financial Stocks with the Highest EBITDA Margins

The TSX financial stocks on our list have demonstrated strong operational efficiency, shown by an average EBITDA margin of 78.8% SmallCapPower | Octo...
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