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Axios Mobile Assets Corp (CSE: AXA): SmallCapPower’s Companies To Watch

 Speaking from the 2015 President's Club Investment Conference in the Bahamas, Axios Mobile Assets Corp (CSE: AXA) President and CEO Richard MacDonald outlines how his Company is “The Inter...

Near-Term Revenue Expected, Says Aequus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (TSXV:AQS) COO

 Speaking from the 2015 President's Club Conference, Anne Stevens, COO and Director of Aequus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (TSXV: AQS), describes how Aequus is a “de-risked” pharmaceutical company ...

U.S. Federal Reserve Could Help Grow Our Business: Accord Financial Corp. (TSX:ACD) CEO

 Lending money to businesses that aren’t being served by traditional banks is what Accord Financial Corp. (TSX: ACD) is all about. CEO Tom Henderson explains how his company helps enterpris...

NeutriSci International (TSXV:NU) President Says Its Energy Tab Was a Big Hit at One U.S. College

 NeutriSci International Inc. (TSXV: NU) President Glen Rehman says his company has developed a nutraceutical product that helps people stay more alert yet it has less caffeine than a cup o...

Romarco Minerals is the 8th Ubika Gold Index Company to be Acquired >>

Since its inception there have been eight component companies acquired from the Ubika Gold 20 index, two of which occurred during the past six months. Most recently, shares of Romarco Minerals Inc. ...

AlphaNorth’s Steven Palmer Reveals an Electrifying Stock Pick

AlphaNorth Asset Management Chief Investment Officer Steven Palmer describes the criteria he employs when choosing a small-cap stock for his company’s funds and offers up some advice for investors...

Nano One Materials Corp.’s Technology Could Be a Game Changer for Lithium Battery Production

 Lithium is hot and Dan Blondal, CEO of Nano One Materials Corp. (TSXV: NNO), told SmallCapPower at the recent Cantech Investment Conference that his company raised $3 million during the past ...

Defiance Silver (TSXV: DEF): PDAC 2016 Top Picks

In an interview with SmallCapPower at PDAC 2016, Defiance Silver Corporation (TSXV: DEF) CEO Bruce Winfield says he believes Defiance’s mine in Mexico has the potential to produce another 50 milli...

“Our Product Generates Over 300% IRR,” Says Memex’s CEO

Memex’s Merlin platform measures overall equipment effectivenessSmallCapPower was at the Canadian Innovation Exchange’s Public Investor Day in November and had an exclusive chat with David...

Southern Silver Exploration (TSXV: SSV): Companies to Watch

Southern Silver Exploration Corp. (CVE:SSV) President Lawrence Page hopes to replicate his past success in developing a Mexico silver propertyIn this interview with SmallCapPower, Southern S...
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International Mining Investment Conference 2018

When: May 15-16, 2018 Vancouver Convention Centre East Vancouver Follow the smartest money in mining! Cambridge House has gathered the most invest...
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