Goldcorp Inc.’s future growth strategy will likely focus on partnering with other senior miners as Canada’s second-largest producer of the metal looks to share the burden of developing multibillion-dollar projects, the chief executive officer said.

Small cap growth stocks outperformed the broader market in 2016, and are poised to repeat that performance this year.

Former trader Marc Cohodes spent decades betting against housing "bubbles" before they burst. Now he has his eye, and his money, on the local housing market, and he has a warning to homeowners and first-time buyers.

The foreign investor captured 37 per cent of the 27 votes cast in the annual poll of the country's newsrooms by The Canadian Press. It's the first time since the survey began in 2003 that the business newsmaker of the year wasn't a specific person.

Do you think it’s too late to invest in small-cap stocks, which have rallied 12% in the three weeks since Donald Trump won the presidential election?.

Canadian oil investors should not underestimate how bullish this is for oil stocks—not only does the agreement mean up to 1.8 million barrels of production per day will be removed, but it also means that OPEC is back to market manipulation.

Canopy Growth Corp. (TSE:CGC) has offered to acquire Toronto-based Mettrum Health Corp. (CVE:MT) for $430 million, forming a Canadian marijuana mega-company with a patient base that would dominate the Canadian market.

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Higher metallurgical coal prices have at least one analyst much more bullish on the outlook for Teck Resources Ltd. (TSE:TCK.B).

But before you get ahead of yourselves, know that the Canopy’s underlying fundamentals have completely decoupled from the stock’s incredible market cap. Currently, analysts are forecasting the pot market to hit estimated peak sales of $5-8 billion in 2020 and beyond (including recreational and medicinal); that’s if legalization goes off without a hitch.
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